Hannibal & Face Forever

The WHOLE Team

The Whole Team

All stories on this page should be considered NC-17 (even though many are not) Most contain one or all of the following elements SLASH with the WHOLE TEAM involved!! 

They may or may not also contain the following~ Hurt, Comfort, Angst, Violance, Language, SEX, rape and possible child abuse. When in doubt check the warning at the start of each story...... You have been warned....

Murdock's new collection

 Sex toys or going nuts with Anticipation

 A different plan

 A different plan part 2

 Speed dating with a surprise turn

 How to maintain that pretty (F)ace

 Slide over slowly or Hannibal talking dirty 

  Comforting the Boss 

Unnatural Selection
HBAMF the guys go to Isla Sorna on a job, can they survive an island full of dinosaurs

Defaced - Humor. Face manages to get a black eye even though he was chained to the bed with only his three husbands present. So who gave it to him and can they protect him when he doesn't know he needs to be protected