Hannibal & Face Forever

The Orphanage

Do you have a Hanniabl / Face story that isn't going anywhere? Are you tired of seeing it sitting on your hard drive just staring at you?
Please send it to our orphanage where it can be adopted by a new writer so that it might have a life of it's own.

Send your story to
Julliangray@gmail.com with the subject line Orphan and we will list it here for adoption 
Face has a problem with his hearing after a mission, 5 pages are complete but the story seems to be going no where fast Currently titled "Just Great"

Face come into the house he is sharing with Hannibal and he is dripping wet and pissed off. Only half a page complete.Currently titled "Start of an Argument"

Face is almost killed the first night at Langley, is it an accident or did Stockwell have a plan to get rid of him. One page complete. Currently titled "The first night at Langley"