Hannibal & Face Forever

All stories on this page should be considered NC-17 (even though many are not) Most contain one or all of the following elements SLASH with Hannibal and Face of course!

They may or may not also contain the following~ Hurt, Comfort, Angst, Violance, Language, SEX, rape and possible child abuse. When in doubt check the warning at the start of each story...... You have been warned....

Ocean_Blue 15



Aftermath   - Hannibal is given drugs and badly hurts Face whilst under their influence. Will their relationship be able to survive the events that haunt both of them?

Watching Over You - Hannibal stands guard over an injured Face

What Is - Face does some thinking when he recognises someone from his past.

 Rituals - Hannibal and Face one of which inspired this short piece. 

 Trapped - Inspired by Indigo Angels Prompt

Masks - Hannibal's thoughts as he watches his Lieutenant.

Spectre Of The Past - When Face meets someone from his childhood, he struggles to cope with the memories that resurface. WARNING - This story deals with physical attacks on a child, please be aware of this before deciding whether to read.

Getting Through - Things do not go to plan on a mission and Face is tortured. He hangs on waiting for Hannibal to come for him.

The Waiting Game - Hannibal and Murdock get bored waiting for their partners.

Desert Adoption -  Mirdock decided that he and BA should adopt Face AU.

Fit for Duty- Face deals with the pain he is in from injuries to enable him to complete a mission and unsure of Hannibal's reaction to his method he hides what he is doing. Then Hannibal finds out just what he has been up to.....

Time Well Spent - When Face finds he has some time on his hands he decides a bit of matchmaking is in order

Pretence- Face is made over to look like Bradley Cooper’s character Will from Alias when he goes undercover

The Fitness Regime - Face struggles to cope when the team are first on the run and starts a drastic fitness regime when he fears he will lose Hannibal

One More Wall- Face adds another wall