Hannibal & Face Forever



All stories on this page should be considered NC-17 (even though many are not) Most contain one or all of the following elements SLASH with Hannibal and Face of course!

They may or may not also contain the following~ Hurt, Comfort, Angst, Violence, Language, SEX, rape and possible child abuse. When in doubt check the warning at the start of each
story...... You have been warned....

A Family Holiday – sequel to Meet The Family. Hannibal takes Face back to his family for thanksgiving.

A Week With Mama B Part 1the team go to visit BA’s Mama, how does Face react?
Part 2

Bumps and Bruises

Aches And Pains - companion to 'Bumps And Bruises'

 Desert ReunionHannibal and Face are reunited after three weeks apart

Little Fill For You (untitled for wave_of_sorrow)
 – H/F, heavy on the comfort, light on the hurt

Resurrection: Hannibal turns up after being missing for years and the boys presume he is dead
Part 2, Part 3Part 4


 Enough is Enough:Face is tired of living on the run, but he doesn’t know how to tell the team
Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6


 Hide and Seek:Face decided to pay a game

Just Let It Go: sequel to 'Desert Reunion' and 'It's Only Two Weeks, Right?'

 It's Only Two Weeks Right: Prequel to 'Desert Reunion'


 Lullaby: Hannibal being adorable and Face watching 



 Kissing in the Rain:  The title says it all


Meet The Family Hannibal comes from a very rich family and takes Face home to meet his parents, who aren’t impressed
Part 2

 Military Wives (And Partners) After the team are pardoned, Face and Murdock go back to the army while Hannibal and BA wait for them at home.

 No Words Necessaryangsty h/c on a job gone wrong

Of Tubes, Warm Water and Trust Hannibal gives Face an enema (my first attempt at porn, but not very porny)

 Remember Me– Face loses seven years of his memories, and Hannibal tries to help him through it
Part 2

 Runaway –Face leaves Hannibal the night before their wedding
Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Runaway: The Wedding – sequel to Runaway


Runaway: The Photo – part three

The Best Birthday Present Of All

written for Karen JD. Hannibal waits for Face to wake up after he is seriously injured.

Story Time

 The Unexpected Ending– WARNING: DEATHFIC Sosa finds an unexpected guest on her doorstep one cold, wet night

 Too Noisy and Too Early– Face uses his skills to get what he wants after being woken far too early one morning

 Untitled– A Short h/c fill

Tricks Of The Mind - In a world where telepaths are recognised but strictly monitored and trained, Face has to hide his ability from Hannibal and his team if he wants to remain in the Rangers.

 Village People – Face talks about the hows and whys of being a conman

When Needs Must 

World On Fire Face has a fever, Hannibal cares for him

A Beach Birthday -  all Face wants for his birthday is to relax on the beach with Hannibal 

In The Heat of Bangkok - Hannibal has to take Face to a clinic in Bangkok 

Shattered - desperate to keep Hannibal and his team safe, Face fakes his own death after being seriously injured

The Trouble With Thigh Holsters

Catatonia - Hannibal tries to help Face cope after a mission goes terribly wrong

Reaffirmation - After returning safely from a mission, Hannibal and Face reaffirm their love for each other (PWP)

His Blue-Eyed Boy - Face suffers a head injury during a routine mission

Sunset - Twenty years after the team were pardoned, an aging Templeton reflects on his life with John

Starting To Put The Pieces Back Together - Title says it all

A Little TLC - Face gets a cold and Hannibal takes care of him.

Two's Company - Shortly after Mexico, Face struggles to cope with the way his cosy team of two has been expanded with the addition of Murdock and BA.

From Darkness To Light - BA and Face are trapped underground when a mine collapses

Under Starry Skies - Hannibal and Face spend Valentine's Day together stranded in the desert, injured and awaiting rescue.

After The Stars Fade - a sequel to Under Starry Skies

Trials Of The Temporarily One-Handed

Classified - Hannibal and Face are reunited after Face has been out on a difficult mission.

Sanguis - When Hannibal and Face are captured during a mission gone terribly wrong, their lives are changed forever.

When Two Plans Come Together - Face has plans for when Hannibal gets back after a long mission away, but he isn't the only one who has been planning.

Forever Changed - After being forced to make an impossible choice during a disastrous mission, Hannibal must deal with his feelings of guilt.

Forever After - a sequel to Forever Changed

A Working Birthday

You Can't Always Be Three Steps Ahead
 - As much as Hannibal might like to think he has a plan for everything, life sometimes has other ideas.

Grown Men Don't Just Faint

The Little Things - They don't say the words often, because they don't have to

Outside Looking In - The other nurses had warned her, but she didn't believe a word of it

Forever Hopeful - A sequel to Forever Changed and Forever After

You Can't Always Be Three Steps Ahead - an early draft

Hanging Incident - an early, unfinished story

Christmas Drabbles

Taking Proper Care Of Your Colonel - Face knows there are many different ways to look after his Colonel

Forever One - A sequel to Forever Changed, Forever After and Forever Hopeful

Silk and Ice - On a hot summers night, Hannibal gets creative with a pair of silk scarves and some ice cubes

Untitled Fever Fic - incomplete work in which Hannibal takes care of a feverish Face

Faceless - Hannibal is injured in an explosion, and wakes up alone

An Alphabet Of Hurt And Comfort

Game on- Face ponders his life and love while waiting for the "go" signal on a sniper job

Possession - One broken bottle and suddenly Face isn't Face any more...

Never Planned On Falling In Love - It was just sex, for both of them, until suddenly it was something more

Gosh Fudging Darn It - It takes Hannibal a while to realise something is going on with Face

The White Envelope - Hannibal finds an unexpected item buried deep in his pack

One Last Chance - Hannibal prepares what he hopes will be the perfect Valentine's Day for Face

The Visitor - He sits there in the damp filth of a shadowed alley, and he stares at the knife in his hands

Kill The Plants - Hannibal tries to help when Face is suffering without his hay fever meds.

Love, Reincarnated - As far as Face can tell, Hannibal has no memory of the countless lives they have shared.

Forever And Always - Continuing the 'Forever Changed' series

The End - What exactly happens when a sniper and a demolitions expert are at odds?

When We Danced - Injured and alone, Face remembers a time when he danced with Hannibal.