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All stories on this page should be considered NC-17 (even though many are not) Most contain one or all of the following elements SLASH with Hannibal and Face of course!

They may or may not also contain the following~ Hurt, Comfort, Angst, Violance, Language, SEX, rape and possible child abuse. When in doubt check the warning at the start of each story...... You have been warned....

A Different Kind of Addiction: Face has an addiction; can Hannibal cure him of it?

A Night in the Life of a Corporate Vampire: Sometimes a simple negotiation can turn into a complete nightmare.

Acquisition of the heart: Hannibal doesn't like how Face acquires the team's supplies.

After The Carnage: Hannibal surveys the damage done to his team.

After The Case: What happens after Till Death Do Us Part.

Another Year and Another Gray: Hannibal takes stock of himself as he gets another year older.

At His Age?: Response to an illness challenge issued of the H/F Forever site.

Baby Face: Sometimes it sucks having a baby face as Face is about to find out when the team takes a job at a high school.

Bad Feeling: Hannibal's POV Hannibal has a bad feeling that Face is in trouble. Takes place during Vietnam just before Face joins the team.

Bad Time at the Border: Missing scene from Bad Time at the Border, what happened on the boat and before Hannibal walked into the bar.

Better: Face has a really bad day. Can anyone make it better?

Black Stone: Hannibal’s thoughts as he stands at The Wall on Memorial Day.

Boys will be Boys: Hannibal needs to think of a way to get a life lesson through to his boy.

By the Light of the Silvery Moon: Happy belated Halloween

Call Me A Sinner: Hannibal has an accident and forgets about his relationship with Face. To make matters worse, he reverts back to a time when he cannot accept his own sexuality. Will Hannibal remember who he is? If not, will Face be able to move on with his life?

Catting Around: Face is going out on a LOT of dates, but is he finding what he needs?

Control: Hannibal takes control of his physical relationship with Face. Takes place during Viet Nam.

Coping: Hannibal has a heart to heart with Face while he is in the hospital after their escape from the POW camp.

Crimson Camellia: Halloween 2015 challenge.

Crossing the Universes: Now this is a hard one. I've had an idea running thought my head about what would happen if the TV and Movie universes collided, and this is what happened.

Crossing the Universes - New Into the World : AU Universe (Movie/TV blended) Face and Hannibal try to move on with their lives, but the outside world keeps getting in the way.

Deep Fears: After nearly drowning on a mission, Face has to come to terms with his fear, while the rest of the team tries to understand what is happening to him.

Dense: Some people are just really dense Frankie gets Hannibal and Face's relationship spelled out for him. Takes place after "Without Reservations".

Devotion: After Face is seriously injured in an accident, Hannibal must help him pick up the pieces.

Don't Start What You Can't Finish: A young 19 year old Face decides that he wants to have some fun with his older lover the question is can he take what he dishes out.

Down Around the Corner: Hannibal and Face stop a robbery on Christmas Eve

Fish: The Team’s time in the stockade at Fort Bragg, seen through their thoughts.

Forgiven: Photo Challenge, fill in a missing scene, Takes place a few days after Face is picked up by the VA in "Mind Games"

Foul: Face gets pulled into a ball game.

Gone: Two of the team members are gone, and one is fading fast.

Hannibal's Gift: It's Hannibal's birthday but one team member doesn't care

Happy Birthday to Me: Templeton Peck meets Hannibal Smith for the first time.

Haunted Past: Face runs into a person from his past that turned his life as a child into a nightmare. Now the same man is trying to destroy his future.

House on the Hill: Not really sure how do describe this one???

If I Just Lay Here: Hannibal and Face have a quiet moment and a change to forget the world around them.

In-Laws: Hannibal takes Face home to meet his family.

Indigo's Birthday Drabble: Drabble.

Insecurities: Hannibal sets Face straight on his insecurities.

Insufferable: Face doesn't always complain about not wanting to do a job for no reason. What happens after 'There's Always a Catch'.

Into The Night: The Team faces a dilemma from a very unexpected quarter.

It's All Fun And Games Until Someone...: Hannibal and Face's egos get in the way and things go bad. 

It's Not Always A Happy Ending... Face is a victim of a hate crime and Hannibal proves that no matter what he will not leave the man he loves.

It's Not Like He Didn't Have It Coming: Face can be very understanding and he can forgive a lot of transgressions, but there is one thing that is completely off limits and Frankie is about to learn that the hard way.

Jealousy: Murdock is jealous of Hannibal and Face's relationship. Takes place the morning after insecurities

Joyeux Noel: It is the night before Christmas and Hannibal needs to find a way to distract Face.

Lost in the Dark: An accident at the studio leaves Face blind and deaf, how will he and Hannibal cope?

Lover's Triangle: Halloween Challenge

Missing A Date: Hannibal misses a very important date

Misunderstanding: Face and Hannibal have a misunderstanding.

Monsters Don't Always Hide Under the Bed: Lieutenant Templeton Peck is having a nightly problem that is driving his new team mates crazy.

Murdock's Birthday Surprises: Murdock really enjoys coming up with unique gifts for Face's birthday, even if Face doesn't approve.

Night At The Fair: Hannibal takes Face to the fair to make up for a lost experience from his childhood.

No More Fun...: Face reflects on his upcoming birthday.

Not So Easy Victim: Face is attacked at the Langley compound and Frankie learns a lesson.

Nothing Else Matters: After Face returns to the Langley compound from being shot in the restaurant he has a breakdown that leaves the team reeling with what they learn about their Lieutenant.

Relaxation: (Same night as "No More Fun") Hannibal and Face continue to celecrate Face's birthday indoors

Ringing In The New Year: 100% pure kinky porn, this is nothing more than sex, pure and simple.

Rock Star: Face blows up and lets the team and his lover know how he feels before taking on a new client who is being stalked by an obsessive fan.

Safe And Secure: Face and Hannibal spend their first night together in Saigon when Face's self- doubt rears its ugly head.

Self-Destructive: Hannibal brings a new Lieutenant "Peck" into the unit and gets way more than he bargained for.

Sick Day: Hannibal feels that Face needs a day off.

Sidelined: Face gets back at Hannibal for the injuries he's caused during the ball game. Takes place after Foul.

Silent Watch: Hannibal keeps watch over Face after a mission goes wrong.

Slow Learner: Frankie gets on Face's last nerve / or a good old fashion Frankie bashing. Takes place the day after Dense.

Slow Learner II--The Run In: Frankie shows back up and makes Face's life a living hell.

Snowbird: The team is hired to save a ski resort but one member doesn't want to go.

Somebody To Love Me: Face finds himself in an extremely abusive relationship. Can Hannibal help before it’s too late?

Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word: Why was Hannibal so stand-offish to Face when they returned to Langley on their last mission? Better yet, why was that blonde in the compound sharing quiet moments with Hannibal in the dark?

South Central: Face tries to do a favor for a team member and gets a lot more than he bargained for.

Take Care: Hannibal has fallen ill; Face is lost with worry and guilt.

Temper, Temper: Temple Peck has a temper and Hannibal is about to witness it again.

The Club: The team is hired to try and find out what is happening to a clubs missing clients.

The Club II--Black's Revenge: Hannibal's worst nightmare comes true when a past enemy kidnaps Face.

The Club III - Is He Good Enough: After seeing something that disturbs them Murdock and BA try to rescue Face from Hannibal and do more harm than good when they come to Face's aid.

The Disappearing Models: The team has been hired to find out where several male models have been disappearing to. And like most of Hannibal's plans this one doesn't quite go off without a hitch.

The Hunt: Someone is on a hunt

The New Boy: A/U, what if Hannibal and Face met in a different time?

The Odd Team: Cross Hannibal, Face, Murdock, and BA with Felix Unger and Oscar Madison, and what do you get?

The Photo: Takes place during season 5 a few months after Face is shot the team decided to have a day at the beach.

The Replacement Child: Hannibal and Face try to have a nice quiet day out together; however when a situation arises Face reacts badly to it and Hannibal wants to know why. Takes place during the summer of 73.

The Sharecropper's Boy: What if Hannibal and Face met in a different time period

The Small Things: Love is such a strange thing. It can be made with grand gestures and huge declarations, or there are the simple things that no one ever sees or notices.

The Summer Of 73: A few days in the life of Hannibal and Face in the summer of 73.

The Wrap Party: Hannibal and Face go to a wrap party and meet a guest they will never forget.

Time: Takes place during and after 'Without Reservations'.

Time And Fate: After a trip to Maryland I was struck with this though and had to put it down.

Too Hot for Uniforms: Man in Uniform Challenge

Turning Back Time: Murdock posses the question, what would Hannibal do if he had a chance to go back in time? Takes place several months after Haunted past.

Turning Back Time - The Album: Hannibal knows that Face really doesn't care for Christmas but could never figure out why until now.

Twas The Night Before Christmas... In Vietnam: The team spends their first Christmas together in Vietnam.

Valentine: Hannibal thinks about last years Valentines Day with Face.

Who's Not Kinky?: The challenge to use ice in a sexual way.

Whore: This is an AU story a story of what if? What if Face had never met up with Hannibal and his A-Team in Vietnam? Would they have met later in life, how different would their lives be?

Why does Colonel Roderick Decker hate Colonel John Smith so much?: So exactly why does Colonel Decker hate Colonel Smith so much?

You Don't Know What You Have Until It's Gone: Hannibal is in a relationship with someone but is he happy, Face has met someone but is he the right man for him. Can they make the relationship work or is it best to just let that love die and move on?