Hannibal & Face Forever

Joint Ventures

All stories on this page should be considered R (even though many are not) Most contain one or all of the following elements SLASH with Hannibal and Face of course!
They may or may not also contain the following~ Hurt, Comfort, Angst, Violance, Language, SEX, rape and possible child abuse. When in doubt check the warning at the start of each story...... You have been warned....

Slow Learner (Jullian & Jes)

Slow Learner II (Jullian & Jes)

Deep Fears (Jes & Jullian)

Just the Way You Are (Jes & Jullian)

The Club III Is He Good Enough (Jullian & Hannibalfan'52)

Fish (Hannibalfan'52 & Jullian)

Beginning 1: Heritage (Hannibalfan'52 & Jullian)

Beginning 2: Three's a Crowd (Hannibalfan'52 & Jullian)

Beginning 3: Pretty Little Horse (Hannibalfan'52 & Jullian)

Beginning 4: Diversionary Tactics (Hannibalfan'52 & Jullian)

Beginning 5: Soldiers of Fortune (Hannibalfan'52 & Jullian)

The Odd Team (Hannibalfan'52 & Jullian)