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All stories on this page should be considered NC-17 (even though many are not) Most contain one or all of the following elements SLASH with Hannibal and Face of course!
They may or may not also contain the following~ Hurt, Comfort, Angst, Violance, Language, SEX, rape and possible child abuse. When in doubt check the warning at the start of each
story...... You have been warned....

A Beginning
Set in an AU where around 10% of the world are Alpha's 

A Beginning (deleted scene)
The first meeting of Hannibal's new team

A Fresh Fall of Snow
Secret Santa 2015

A Little Hiccup 
Face has a problem and Hannibal is less than sympathetic 

A Tale of the Unexpected 

A Year of Firsts
A year in the life of the team

A Sixth Birthday
A follow up to Five Birthdays


Hannibal and Face, the van and sex with clothes on

A bombshell crashes right into the middle of Face's life and he struggles to pick up the pieces.

Afterwards Sequel - Now
After the trauma of Sophia's death, Face is drifting and desperately needs something, or someone, to anchor him.

Afterwards Arc - The White House
A little bit of life after Fairy Dust

Afterwards Fairy Dust
Alternative ending to Afterwards

A Good Thing
Maybe that casual sex that Hannibal and Face have been enjoying is just about to turn into something more...

 A Good Thing Sequel: A Sure Thing
Sequel to 'A Good Thing'

A Kind of Christmas Carol

It's Christmas Eve and Hannibal gets a wish, but... be careful what you wish for - it might just come true...

A Life on the Edge
Face arrives in Vietnam determined to go it alone in Hannibal's unit; Murdock, struggling with the war himself, has other ideas.

A Life on the Edge Universe (2): Missing in Action
The title says it all. Hannibal and the team race to find and rescue their Lieutenant before the jungles of Vietnam claim him for good.

A Life on the Edge Universe (3): Job Done
Murdock has a run in with some Marines, Face is there to offer support! 

Face gets a letter and Hannibal takes a little while to figure out what's in it...

 A Mission from Hell
Has Face taken on more than he can handle? Maybe this mission is a step too far for him...

 A Mother's Love
Face's life is turned upside down when a woman claiming to be his mother makes contact with the team. Hannibal/Face, warning for M/M explicit sexual situations.

An End
The end of the US presense in Iraq bring about one more challenge for Hannibal's team that might just have lasting ramifications

 Apple Pie
A slice of Hannibal and Face domesticity, but maybe not quite as it should be...

A Tale of Six Scars
A tale of six scars on Hannibal's body, five that Face knows the story behind, and one that he doesn't.

Beach Encounter

Built to Last
From the Fairy Dust series, some unwelcome visitors threaten to disrupt Face's new life.

A Christmas challenge written for the A-Slash

Cookies for the Soul
A gap filler for the episode, "In Plane Sight". The implications of being an orphan continue to hit Face when he least expects it.

Hannibal and Face are filmed in the showers and the resulting blackmail sends the team spiraling into a journey they could never have imagined. This fic is maybe a tad weird and 'borrows' a few well known Sci-Fi characters on the way, but don't worry, you might not even spot them! Part of the Mission Fics series, comes in after 'Missing Pieces'.

Crossed Wires
A bad case of unresolved sexual tension does not make for a happy team...

Dark Thoughts
From the Fairy Dust Universe, a short slice of life

Hannibal makes a discovery about Face's methods that leaves him reeling, but his response could destroy everything.

Falling Sequel: Catching
 Sequel to 'Falling'

First Blood:
Another story from the missions universe

First Impressions
First Impressions AKA: Five Times Hannibal Smith Began to Suspect He May Have Been Wrong About Lt. Peck and One Time He Definitely Knew He Was

Fiscal Studies
A short slice of life on the run

Five Birthdays
Face is taken and when the team get him back he is far from the man he used to be...

Five Times Face Doesn't Want to be Hannibal's Boy and One Time He Does
I think the title says it all

Five Times Face Wasn't Sure About Hannibal and the One Time He Was 
This is part of the 'Alphas' AU and fills in some of the gaps from 'A Beginning' before offering an ending to the whole Stakis/Jarred situation

Good Things Come
A glimpse into the early days of Hannibal and Face's rather complex relationship, where Hannibal first realises that there is more going on with Face than he first thought...

I Don't Want You To Have To Do It
Line for the movie/show challenge

It's Just A Job
Another plan that has a hitch in it

Jealousy With a Halo
Jealousy and possessiveness abound when Face and Hannibal suffer a serious inability to communicate...

Jungles and Fairy Lights
Murdock is in the VA and missing the rest of the team...

High Stakes
Face finally takes that risk too far, and Hannibal comes face to face with his worst nightmare.

A plan for revenge on Hannibal has dire implications for Face.

Team celebrating Christmas on deployment

Face gets some news which turns his life upside down.

Manipulation Epilogue: A Week, A Month, A Year

Part of the Fairy Dust Universe, A couple of years after Dark Thoughts

Missing Pieces
 Hannibal is missing and Face is determined to find him

Mission Five
Trouble for the team on their fifth mission together. Hannibal is captured and Face needs to step up to the mark and fulfill his role as XO, however...

Mission Six
This is the mission straight after number five

Hannibal is fighting his feelings towards his new lieutenant, but he's also fighting to keep others, far less principled than himself, away as well.

Needing to Feel

ace is reeling after Sosa's departure. When he starts free-falling it is up to the team to catch him, the question is will they do it before he hits the ground?

Nowhere Man
Face makes a mistake which has far reaching consequences for the whole team.

Nowhere Man Sequel: The Long & Winding Road
This is the sequel to Nowhere Man, and will make a lot more sense if you read that first!

One Kiss
Face wakes up one morning - in more ways than one!

Hannibal and Face discover some startling truths about each other over a long weekend in Phoenix.

Powder Keg
The team are trapped and tempers are running high. It's at times like these that mistakes are made which may have a devastating long term impact...

Powder Keg Sequel: Kit Bag
Sequel to Powder Keg

Re~dux (adjective): brought back, returned, revived

Rung Out
Hannibal, Face, a bunk bed ladder and maybe a hint of Wet Hot American Summer

Shaken and Stirred 
Hannibal tries his hand at some secret agent-esque surveillance... and gets a little more than he bargained for!

Hannibal takes a Christmas vacation to help him forget his disastrous love life. Unfortunately, his plan for peace and solitude goes slightly awry.

Silver Companion Fic: Home Truths

What happened when Face was in LA to make him jump on a plane and turn up on Hannibal's doorstep on Christmas Eve? 

Silver Trilogy Part Three: A Little Tied Up
Final part in the Silver Trilogy and a little different from the other two.

Six Times Face Cried 
The title says it all really!

A short follow on to that deleted scene in Germany

The Boy Who Was Left Behind

Hannibal accepts a case which stirs up some very unwelcome memories for Face

The Boys Who Found Each Other
Follow up to "The Boy Who Was Left Behind"

The King
Sometimes in the worst of places, the most surprising things can be found

The Eye of the Beholder 
 Face needs help coming to terms with a major change in his life.  AN: I suspect there may be a few things in this that betray my British-ness, sorry about that...! Thanks to Will Tippin for the inspiration!

The Long Way Home
Face runs into trouble when he's far from the help of his team

The Shadow Rises 
 Not long after escaping from the truck, the team are at a loss as to what to do next. Face might just have the solution... Warnings for possible dub-con, jealousy/possessiveness, dirty talk, age difference, domination and rough sex! Oh and absolutely no romance either.

The Sins of the Father

The follow up to A Mother's love

The Story of the Kiddie Pool
Why did the team have a kiddie pool in Iraq

The Gift
It's Hannibal's birthday and he's a little disappointed that no one has got him a wonderful gift.

The Park
A Halloween night that Face wont soon forget

Timing is Everything
A quick little one-shot between Face and Hannibal in Afghanistan

A brief moment in the friendship that is Face and Murdock