Hannibal & Face Forever

All stories on this page should be considered NC-17 (even though many are not) Most contain one or all of the following elements SLASH with Hannibal and Face of course!

They may or may not also contain the following~ Hurt, Comfort, Angst, Violance, Language, SEX, rape and possible child abuse. When in doubt check the warning at the start of each story...... You have been warned....

A Bird In A Gilded Cage - In an Alternate Universe, Templeton Peck is an international burglary.  Hannibal Smith is a rich businessman who has fantasied about catching and bedding such a thief.  Can they overcome a bad beginning and a jealous ex-lover?

 Defaced- Summary: Humor. Face manages to get a black eye even though he was chained to the bed with only his three husbands present. So who gave it to him and can they protect him when he doesn't know he needs to be protected.

 Faceland-A sequel to Defaced:  It starts up with Face locked in the hotel bathroom with three angry and frustrated team mates on the other side of the door.

 Hidden BaggageHannibal wants to teach Face what it means to be physically loved and to do that Face needs to give up control. But an ill-advised plan brings up dark memories.

 CATALYST-THE BREAK UP- Sequel to Hidden Baggage. Hannibal lets fears and doubts about himself and the past interfere with his relationship with Face.

What's Wrong With Faceman? - Something is bothering Face and Hannibal is determined to find out what it is.

The Morale Booster- With the rest of the team healing up after a bad mission, Faceman decides to do something raise morale.  Inspired by the UTube video "Call Me, Maybe-Troops Versus Cheerleaders".

Five Time Hannibal Knew What Face Was Going To Do And One Time He Didn't - Scenes from the relationship between Hannibal Smith and Templeton Peck over the years.

Here Comes Trouble- Face walks into a bar

 Year of the Cat- Faceman has a secret.  Inspired by the Val Lewton 1942 Film

The Teenagers vs The Monster of Crane's Bay- Have some AU fun 

The Usual Suspects- General Morrison calls the team into his office to find out what happened to a visiting major.

Things I Hate About You~ Face's story - After a bad day, Face thinks about the things he hates about Hannibal Smith.

Things I Hate About You~ Hannibal's story- Hannibal counts off all the things he hates about Templeton Peck

Waiting For The Team ~ A case in Montana leads to some frozen assets for Hannibal's favorite conman 

The First Noel ~ Mistrust is something you learn; a tale from Templeton Peck's early years

A Safe Haven - The Second Noel ~ A year after joining the team, Face works to make himself indispensable to the team even if it means giving himself to his commander.

A Room Without Lights or Doors - The Third Noel~ Takes place a year after "The Second Noel" Held in a prison of war camp, Face is willing to do all he can to keep the others safe and Hannibal lets him. 

The Blonde ~ Reginald Bartholomew Anderson III is a man who gets what and who he wants even when that who is a certain handsome yellow haired ex-lieutenant

The Orphaned Ophidian ~ In 1973, Dirk Benedict made a movie called “Ssssss” where he played a young man who was being turned into a snakeman by mad scientist.  Sounds like somebody in need of rescue by a slightly different group of ex US Army Special Forces Team turned soldiers of fortune.

It Sounds Like the Sound of Goodbye ~ Hannibal has done it again. He broke Face's heart and he's not sure how he did it. 

Finding the Right Man ~ Hannibal and the Team are having trouble with their requisition officer.

Starbucked ~ A bit of knowledge about Face's past gets Hannibal thinking about their future

No, What?~ Hannibal's new rule of no sex during a mission has Face testing the limits of his commander's patience.

Pandora's Box~ A sequel to Catalyst:  The Break-Up.  Hannibal and Face are filled with regrets about the loss of their relationship when they get a new mission which causes them to deal with a past that never died.

Wish I Didn't Know ~ Face overhears a conversation between Hannibal and his old commander that makes him rethink their relationship.

Come Into My Parlor ~ Hannibal has always been physically attracted to his lieutenant and sometimes he does something about it.

Anticipation ~ Hannibal has plans for his lieutenant but things keep happening--Sequel to Come Into My Parlor

 Seduction Conman Style ~ Lieutenant Peck has his eyes on a team member and needs his colonel's help to get him.

Toxicocodendren ~ Face isn't happy.  He has an itch that can't be scratched and he's not afraid to let Hannibal know about it.

Two Steps Back ~ Face is having a hard time with his new team

A Night With Freddie and His Friends ~ Halloween Challenge

What Rudolph Saw ~ A Christmas Story, kind of..

A Matter of Trust~  Face wants to make changes in his relationship with Hannibal but is the Colonel
ready for them and how can he coaxed to make the changes?
What Lies in the Hills ~ History Challenge, Colonel Smith of King James Royal Army and his team discover why travelers are disappearing in Scotland
Freddie~ Face's past comes back to haunt him 
Bullets Verses Bombs ~ Hannibal and Face are forced to compete against each other in a military exercise
Preludes~ Odd things are happening to the team 
The Poacher~ Decker gets a surprise when he gets the drop on Hannibal and Face